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Our Professional craftsmen can repair or duplicate the original windows and doors in your treasured historical home or building.


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Do you want to keep the original integrity of your home while at the same time make sure the value stays at the highest possible level? Do you want to replace wood with wood instead of plastic or metal mumbo jumbo? Do you need rotten trim repair?


Do you want to replace your old or current single pane glass with Insulated Glass?


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Then you are at the right place!


No more epoxy or filler to cover or hide rot. No more Faking it. We do it the right way by installing new wood, metal or plastic – whatever the original manufacturer used in the first place.


We can remove the problem areas and replace them, back to original, while at the same time saving you up to 75%. Including the necessary painting or staining inside and out.


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NuLook Home Services offers the full spectrum of Home and Commercial building, remodeling, and repair services. If you have any questions just give us a call! We are here to help.

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Water Damage

GOT ROT?  We Fix Rotten Window Frames and Trim Window sash repair and replacement.


Got Rot? DID YOU KNOW? Repair vs replacement brings you up to 75% savings.  Why replace when we can repair and make the windows as good as new.


Call NuLook Today 317-632-6042 and we will send someone out to show you the difference and get started repairing or replacing your rotted window frame or sash to that like new look.


Also we can replace current wood sashes and sills and trim with composite Azek. To keep your home warm and cozy plus looking beautiful, let NuLook Windows and Doors fix your rotten window frames and rotten window trim.



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Window Frame, Sill, Trim and Sash Repair


Got Rot? For good reason, we do not cover up the bad wood.


That is what the makeover usually is, they cover the rot with aluminum, vinyl or some other material. Leaving you or the next owner with a hollow space after the rot eventually erodes all of the wood hidden inside the new covering. Another aspect of a cover up is what kind of structural strength are you left with? Will the weight of the remaining window or door eventually cause more damage? Will strong winds, rain or snow eventually lead to you having your problem actually repaired instead of Covered Up?


Why just cover or Make Over the problem like make-up when you can have professional craftsmen like NuLook actually repair the problem instead of covering it up? When our craftsmen repair your window or door frame, we completely replace the damaged wood or material instead of just covering it up with makeup or a makeover material.


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We Repair Windows


For up to 75% savings!


Do you have a window with a rotting frame, sash, sill or trim?


The tradesmen at NuLook can repair that window so it will continue to give you many years of usefulness and look beautiful just as it was originally designed to.


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You can save money year around by letting NuLook replace your glass with Insulated Glass. NuLook can replace the glass in almost any window or door in your house with Insulated Glass giving you year around comfort.

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